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Cotton Prices Causing Havoc in Uniform Markets

December 29th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in News

This past cotton-harvesting season in the far east, in places like Pakistan & India, was a disaster. Literally. The unseasonal monsoons destroyed most of the cotton before harvest, and in China, a drought destroyed 15% of their cotton crop. Worldwide supplies are extremely short. The result is that cotton prices are zooming upwards for clothing made of cotton. (Most of the U.S. cotton growing has been driven overseas by government interference and hostility towards farmers by government regulators, the last time cotton planting was this low in the U.S. was 1983.) Cotton prices now are the highest they’ve been in 15 years.

Most of our suppliers have notified us that uniforms made of cotton will be increasing in price this year. Artificial fibers like polyester & rayon, Most of the uniforms made for public safety are made of artificial fibers, which won’t see much of a price spike, if any. All-cotton items like scrubs and fire-resistant uniforms are the most likely to see price increases. The real impact should be seen on denim, though. Buy your blue jeans now!

Of course, this information is just a report on current situations, and don’t bet the house investing in cotton futures! We did want you to know, however, that you are more likely to see prices rise on uniforms in the latter parts of 2011. We recommend you purchase your uniforms as early as possible in the year to avoid the price increases that our suppliers have told us are bound to happen very soon.

Free Gift with Jacket Purchase

December 15th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Prizes and Deals

511 Poker CardsIts been cold lately, and looks like it will stay cold for a few more months. As you know, the MidWinter Fair isn’t until late February/early March, and its always cold during the fair.

You need a new duty jacket, and we have a bunch of them to sell, so for every 5.11 Tactical jacket priced over $99 at retail purchased during December, we’ll give you a free deck of 5.11 playing cards. These cards are unique, with a tactical design on every card. 5.11 offers a range of duty jackets, from the Double Duty and Signature jackets perfect for regular patrol or institution use, to the 5-in-1 jackets made for the colder outdoor patrol. This offer also applies to other 5.11 jackets suitable for plainclothes work, such as the Sabre, Agressor, and Chameleon. Also, the new EMS jackets are perfect for tough EMS use, and not only keep you warm, but serve as a bloodborne pathogen resistant layer in your work uniform.

The following jackets are eligible for the free gift with purchase offer: 48099 Chameleon, 18098 Rain Shell, 48032 Aggressor, 48036 Sabre, 48038 Tactical Fleece, 48033 3-in-1 Parka, 48037 HiVis, 48063/38063 Responder Jacket, 48073/38073 Responder HiVis, 48001 3-in-1, 48017 5-in-1, 48027 4-in-1, 48106 RainCoat, 48103 Signature, 48095 Reversible, 48096 Double Duty. Jackets must be purchased at marked retail price to be eligible for free gift with purchase program.

Shorts in December???

December 15th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Prizes and Deals

73285_055_dtUsually we only see the Snowbirds buying shorts in the winter, but we have a special sale on 5.11 Tactical shorts & pants right now!

You have to be a Customer Club member to get these great prices. We need the room, so we’re blowing out the 5.11 shorts with the attached coupon. For good measure, we’re giving the same discount on some discontinued colors and styles of the 5.11 pants. These are the same great quality as the pants you’re probably wearing now, and the shorts are current models, we just need the room for our winter stock. Print out the coupon and save some big bucks! If you’re not a Customer Club member, don’t worry, we’ll sign you up on the spot.

Great Gift Shopping at Phoenix Uniforms

December 14th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Prizes and Deals

mugsWe have some great gifts for your shopping needs this Christmas! Don’t forget, we have great gifts for the medical/EMS field, as well as law enforcement, fire, and all public safety & security. Outdoors enthusiasts love our 5.11 products, and shooters like our huge selection of holsters.

For the medical-EMS person on your list, we have stethoscopes and pins from $6 and up, you can get that special operator a tactical stealth stethoscope, and we have some mugs and Clearsound stethoscopes on sale.

S107-D-F-PURLaw Enforcement & Outdoors folks would like any of our knives, binoculars, and bags, we have the best backpacks in the valley for sale right here at Phoenix Uniforms. Flashlights are always popular, and belts, watches, and vests give you a wide range of price ranges to choose a gift from. Our womens’ offer still stands, buy any 3 womens products from 511 Tactical (footwear, pants/shorts, TDU’s, shirts, polos) and get a free pink womens 511 ball cap!

Ask any store employee to show you various gifts in whatever your price range is, and we’ll get that hard-to-buy-for person taken care of for you.

Santa Look-a-Like at Target Practice

December 14th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Video