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Dads & Grads

June 3rd, 2011 Posted in Events

For this year’s annual Dads & Grads Special, we have some great ideas for your Graduation and Fathers’ Day gift giving. How about any of the 5.11 Tactical new MultiCam items? We have 3 sizes of backpacks, pants, and tops in the new pattern. If MultiCam isn’t the pattern you’re looking for, we have other backpacks, pistol packs, and various configurations of bags in desert tan, OD, black, and now – the non-tactical looking color combos of red & grey, green & black, oak & mantis, and more. For some time now, we’ve had customers tell us they love the 5.11 bags, but they look “too tactical”. Now, with the new color combos, you can have the same great bag in a less tactical look! If you’re looking for a less-expensive gift, we have graphic-printed T-shirts for under $15, and several other gifts at many price ranges.

Other ideas for June gift-giving include SpyderCo knives (we have a lot of new models, from $39 to $199), Bianchi leather belts, watches, sunglasses, and rechargeable flashlights. Come on in to the store just to look around and get some ideas! In fact, if you purchase over $100 from any of these categories (5.11, SpyderCo, MagLite, Streamlight, Leatherman, or Bianchi) in a single purchase before June 19th, and tell us its a “dads & grads” gift (even for yourself!), we’ll give you a Free Hat.