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Body Armor

June 1st, 2012 Posted in Products

We just completed deliver of a 44-vest order to a local agency. Armor Express has been making great ballistic vests for years, and we’ve been selling those vests for almost 10 years. They are certified to the latest NIJ standards, and are eligible for the BVP program. We’ve sold raid vests, range vests, concealable body armor, and hard armor all made by AE, and have received great reviews from officers wearing those vests.

In California, non-law enforcement can purchase body armor (as long as the purchaser is not a felon), and we sell body armor to recreational shooters and other civilians, as well as to police officers who want their own private vest. If you are an agency considering a vest purchase, or an individual considering wearing a ballistic vest for certain activities such as recreational shooting, visit the store or call us about this. We have in-stock vests you can look at and try on, right in the store.