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Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 10th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Products
Here at the uniform store, we have great ideas at all price levels for your most-difficult-to-buy-for person! Unique gifts, everything from all-purpose tactical tools to underwear, and everything in between. We have patches, gift items, mugs, penlights, and more from around $5, up to bags & packs, jackets for uniform or civilian wear, and high-tech flashlights for prices in the hundreds. Let us help you find that perfect, individual, and one-of-a-kind gift here at the store. We’ll close early on Christmas Eve, so get your shopping done now!


Socks, Tees, & Flashlights

December 10th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Products
No one usually puts these items together, but here at the store we have the BEST socks you can find in the valley. We were at a ritzy tourist town in Idaho recently and saw socks on sale for $79 a pair!!! When we tried these on, they were nowhere as comfortable as the socks we have here, for around $16 per pair. Of course, you can buy cheaper socks, but not better ones. Same with our T-Shirts – graphic tees and plain solid color tees are available in 3-packs on singly, up to 3X, and in male & female styles. Flashlights are available at all price levels, and have features you wouldn’t have thought of five years ago. All these make great gifts, and are very unique, not available anywhere else. Come down to the store and get yours!


Gift Cards Available

December 10th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Products
We have fantastic gifts available for your holiday gift giving! Bags, packs, flashlights, tactical wristwatches, and outerwear are great high-end gifts, medium priced gifts include stethoscopes, holsters, covert shirts, pants & shorts, sunglasses, boots, and knives. Economically-priced gifts include gloves, holsters, gun bags, and logo’d items such as cuff keys and pocket knives with an agency logo built in. An alternative for the frustrated gift giver is our gift cards. We have gift cards available in 3 different motifs, suitable for the tactical person, fire-EMS provider, and medical personnel. During December, we’ll be open from 9am – 7pm every day except Sunday, when we are open from noon till 6pm. (We will close early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve so our employees can enjoy the holiday with their families, and we’re closed on Christmas & New Years Days.)

Great Christmas Video

December 10th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Video